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Affordable Storage Facilities in Phoenix, AZ

If you are planning to setup a business in phoenix, be aware that this city is has a really hot climate. In fact, it is said that Phoenix is one of the hottest cities all over the US. So, if you are from another city and you think that your luck is in Phoenix, be prepared to check out some storage facilities first. This way, while you are still setting up your business and your stocks are already coming in, you can just have them in your choice of storage facility. There are already a number of them around and in fact, you can easily find a storage facility with cheap storage units.

Here are some of your best options:

  • The Cube Smart Self Storage – They are available from Monday to Sunday. They have discounts you can avail like 15% off and free in the first month. Some of their amenities are elevator access, indoor units, climate controlled units, automatic payments, boxes and packing supplies online bill pay and onsite manager.
  • Public Storage Units–they are available from Monday to Sunday as well though they have more amenities. Some of their amenities are Carts and Dollies, extended hours, keypad gate access and still a lot more.
  • Extra Space Storage Units – this storage facility has almost the same system with Cube Smart though they differ in their offered discounts. They also have the same amenities.


These are just some of your options when looking for a storage facility in Phoenix, AZ. There are still more that you can easily check online. When storing in this really hot city, you might need to check out some tips:

  • Because of the extremely hot weather in this city, climate controlled units should be your bets especially when it comes to your more sensitive belongings such as antique furniture, leather furniture and still a lot more. With controlled climate temperature unit, you can set the temperature so that all your belongings stored in the said unit will be safe and moisture will be avoided.
  • If you are storing electronic equipment such as camera and similar products, be sure to remove the batteries first as they can generate moisture. Aside from that, the lifespan of your batteries will also be affected when they are just left inside unused equipment.
  • If you will store a fridge, be sure to keep the door slightly open. At the same time, you can also store some of your belongings inside the fridge.


  • And lastly, you must not store perishable items in the storage unit such as foods and even plants as they will of course wither. Flammable items will not be allowed as well. You should keep this in mind.

Phoenix might be an ideal place to setup a business but you have to adjust with its scorching climate. Be sure to look for a storage facility that can meet all your storing needs. You can conveniently shop for one online.

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