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floor stripping machine

Floor stripping is the process of completely removing soil, debris and old wax from floors. It has long been considered a time consuming and labor intensive job. A good floor stripping machine should be able to remove the majority of old floor coverings, including linoleum, ceramics, hardwood parquet, carpet, vinyl, woven floor, roofing materials, and glue. There are various types of floor strippers available, each with their pros and cons. What are some of the benefits of using a floor stripping machine?

  • Some floor strippers are considered environmentally friendly, since they operate quietly and have no emission. Because of these features, it can be operated at the same time that people are in the vicinity
  • Floor stripping machines can remove adhesives, ceramic tiles, bitumenized coatings, and resins. They’re ideal for stripping or chemically free dry scrubbing of a majority of floor finishes
  • An oscillating floor scrubbing machine can dry scrub multiple layers of finish without the use of chemicals or water. This process can reduce worker and occupant slip-and-fall accidents. A slip-resistant floor is a wonderful benefit to locations where children or elderly people are present
  •  A square strip oscillating machine uses orbital technology to strip and scrub floors. An oscillating machine eliminates side-to-side torque compared to a traditional rotary floor machine and strips corners more efficiently
  • Traditional single disc machine floor strippers that use chemicals and floor stripping pads are also available.
  • A battery-operated orbital scrubber provides up to 70% reduction in chemical and water use, chemical-free stripping, a longer battery life, and an increase in pad life of about 40%
  • An industrial floor scrubbing machine can help to reduce labor time by 75%. It can strip floors in approximately 22% of time used to strip floors with harsh chemicals. A floor stripping machine can strip a classroom in about 30 minutes
  • Clean-up is much easier if you don’t have to remove gluey stripper slurry from squeegees, tools, and other equipment
  • After a quality waxing and stripping, your floor surfaces will last longer, and they’ll have a sparkling gleam, which always gives a good impression to customers, friends, family, and visitors
  • A floor stripping machine will protect the original surface of the floor. You’ll find that the majority of nicks and scratches accrued will not be on the actual surface, but on the floor’s finish
  • It’s important to remove all loose dirt and any items that might be stuck to the floor before floor stripping begins
  • Propane floor strippers are designed for rapid stripping and deep scrubbing of hard-surface floors
  • Available floor strippers include walk-behind scrubbers, low-speed scrubbers, and industrial strength propane floor strippers, prepared to strip large open spaces in malls, hospitals, and office buildings
  • Professionals recommend that floors should be fully waxed and stripped twice a year. In between stripping, a floor burnishing is recommended once a month

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